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Empowering you to author a life you love

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Sacred Self is about developing deeper connections within ourselves. By nurturing our relationship with Self, we open up a wellspring of potential, peace and harmony. The various practices and programs offered by Sacred Self Yoga & Wellness each support individuals on their quest towards authenticity and the development of Authentic Health. 

Some may choose to use practices such as COACHING or JOURNALING to lead the way or get started, or perhaps you prefer to dive deep into yourself through breath and the physical body. In YIN YOGA, HATHA YOGA, YOGA NIDRA and MEDITATION we are presented opportunities to explore within ourselves. Opening gifts of spaciousness, contentment, conscious awareness and connection, you are sure to leave your practice with newfound wealth and the capacity to better handle life’s challenges. No matter which practices or combinations used, you will have tools to approach your life with an open heart and conscious intention. 


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